Three Meditations: Findings

Soon after my completion of my graduate degree in 2008 at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, I explored further the elements of experimental film and video.

My media-based work draws from the legacy of experimental and abstract filmmaking to create Super 8 and digital films within the limitation of personal narrative. Using silent film footage as a point of departure, I create an immersive environment of images, which substitute the narrative focus of a film dialogue with a more subtle exploration of place through landscape, light and gesture. Utilizing film, drawing and book arts as a tool to investigate the past, present and future through a poetic and complex interplay between images, to offer an opportunity for reflection and meditation. By capturing vignettes from mundane to beautiful and editing in a collage-like style, I explore the nature of fragmented memory, triggered by temporality and impermanence.


Three Meditations: Findings, 2009
3:49 minutes
Super 8, digital video & sound recordings plus open sourced materials