the Winter of our Discontent

While experiencing a winter of discontent, I created this odd piece with inspiration from John Steinbeck’s book, the Winter of our Discontent. A few strange things within the book resonated with me that cold winter. First, in a review within the vintage 1961 copy that I have in my collection, it states, “John Steinbeck brutally dissects the new American morality, the emotional turmoil, the spiritual decay, the temptations that eat at a man’s soul…Here is the unsparingly real story of people who know joy, love, and wonder – but who want more!” And the second was his ‘warning’ at the beginning of the book which says, “Readers seeking to identify the fictional people and places here described would do better to inspect their own communities and search their own hearts, for this book is about a large part of America today.” I wonder what pages would come after these words if written in the America of today, almost 60 years later.


the Winter of our Discontent, 2011
7:24 minutes
Digital video & sound recordings raw in progress
Performed by Shannon Brunette, Stephanie Dixon & Jill Skoda