Our Bodies

Drawing has always been at the core of my work—even within my media-based film and video practice. Through the medium of drawing and gouache painting, I re-imagine elements of the visceral body. Disembodied abstractions dissolve into landscapes of memory, nostalgia, truths and false truths–of body, mind and spirit. My collection of ephemeral works balances the beauty and fears of our changing landscapes, identities and cultures.

Currently, I am exploring a new series of drawing and paintings addressing the struggles of our times, entitled, Our Bodies. Harkening back to the ever-popular feminist textbook, Our Bodies, Ourselves, I am investigating the fragile existence of the female body within society. As the attack on feminine body not only persists but is at even greater risk—this is a series that has come out of my own urgency to protect from harm the rights of our bodies. The underlying themes of my work question our basic human rights and injustices affecting the human condition.

Thank you to the support of the McKnight Foundation, I am a 2017 MRAC Next Step Fund award recipient to complete this body of work for exhibition in March 2018.